Monday, December 2, 2019

GRADUATION DAY - (1981) - The Stopwatch Killer

Get your cap and gowns ready Midvale High!!! The Countdown to your last day of High School starts in 30,29,28,27,26,25..........................

Midvale High School Track students are getting bumped off by an anonymous slasher after Track star, Laura Ramstead collapses and dies while running. Coach Michaels is exceptionally tough and pushes his gym students extremely hard. After Laura's sudden demise, her sister Anne returns before Graduation Day. All it takes is a stopwatch and 30 seconds, as students meet their horrific fate. Kevin, who was Laura's boyfriend, has not gotten past what happened.

Who is the Stopwatch Killer? Is it Coach Michaels, the prick of a gym coach? Is it Anne, Laura's grieving sister? Is it Kevin, Laura's soon to be fiance after Graduation? He blames Coach Michaels and the rest of the Track team for Laura's death. Laura is his one and only. So much that he refuses to ever let her go...

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