Monday, December 9, 2019

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

What you won't for love... - Bobby Caldwell

Mandy Lane has it all. She is beautiful. Sexy. Popular. All the boys want to be with her. All the girls want to be her. Her beauty and power is equivalent to Helen of Troy. Her beauty started wars. Mandy's causes murders, and not very pretty ones at that. I mean doesn't every girl secretly wish she had the power to make a drunk guy jump from his rooftop right to his very own death in the pool? Maybe break some girl's jaw right out of her face? Getting eyes slashed out to a precise cut? Just to name a few. But Mandy has one true love despite her beauty's power play....her lovesick boyfriend Emmett. After all the grisly murders have been executed, Mandy and Emmett discuss their suicide pact that they made before everything took place. He was the one out of love for Mandy, committed the murders. Now he wants to lay down and die with the one true love of his life. However, beauty rears its' ugly bitchy head when Mandy double crosses Emmett and kills him, leaving with her hero Garth. But now she has Garth wrapped around her finger... tried everything..and you won't give up....

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