Saturday, May 23, 2020

Body Bags (1993)

The job of a coroner is hardly a pleasant one. You spend the typical working day and hours surrounding yourself with corpses. Hell you spend more time with the dead than you do with your own family. At some point, you begin to speak to the deceased. Maybe you even express your sympathy. "What a waste", may be a common sentiment. You begin to wonder how it all came to be...

The Gas Station

Only in or near Haddonfield, you will find a maniacal serial killer who has escaped and is on the bloody hunt. One of the many perks of working the graveyard shift at the gas station is just that; you never know who is waiting for you in the middle of the night. Does "Serial Killer Bill" have any motive?


Hair is an essential attribute of physical beauty. The more preoccupied you are with your appearance, the more narcissistic you come off. Do you remember the story of Narcissus? He was too in love with himself that he could not stop staring back at his own reflection in the water. And after that, well you know..

Richard Coberts is very self conscious about his thinning hair, that he responds to an advertisement about a miracle hair transplant. In a fit of desperation, he makes an appointment with Dr. Lock. After his procedure, his hair comes back with more volume than ever. But while his hair grows, his body deteriorates and the hair begins to take on its' own life form. It grows on other areas of his face and body. And what grows is not exactly lice...


Eye for an eye anybody? At least for Brent Matthews, a former baseball player, who lost his right eye in a horrific accident. He refuses to accept that his career is over, so he undergoes an experimental surgery to have a right eye restored. But with this experiment, there are consequences. The right eye that gets implanted surgically into Brent Matthews' head, belongs to a deceased serial killer and a necrophiliac. Soon Brent begins to have nightmares of slaying women and having sex with their corpses which is the killer's way of making Brent see the world through his eye...

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