Saturday, May 16, 2020

Darling (2015) - Evil Clues In 6 Chapters...

Madame lets Darling takes over as the caretaker of an old home. This home harbors some very evil secrets. For every chapter, Darling finds clues which delves her into madness and insanity...


The previous caretaker committed suicide by offing herself from the balcony. Darling finds an inverted cross necklace. She sees a man she recognizes after he helps her pick up the dropped necklace on the street. Who is this man and how does she know him?


Abyssus abyssum invocat a.k.a. Hell calls Hell. Every step Darling takes, will eventually take her there.


Darling meets the man from earlier at THRILLS, a local lounge. She invites him back to the house and he mentions this is the same house where someone was seen conjuring the Devil. She ends up stabbing him to death, for revenge on Henry Sullivan. But who is Henry Sullivan and what exactly did he do to her on "that night"?


Darling tapes a bag over the man's head suffocating him. He is dead in the tub. She sleeps with the inverted cross reciting "abyssus abyssum invocat". The man attacks her in her dreams. 


Darling finds an ID card that reads the name Henry Sullivan. She dismembers the man only to read the ID card again and find the name James Abbott. 

The Caretaker:

Darling knows the end is near. She breaks down the lock to the forbidden door and is mortified by what she sees. What do you think she is seeing? She has a complete breakdown and walks to the roof and offs herself.

Madame hires another caretaker, reciting the same spiel that she did to Darling about the previous caretaker offing herself. 

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