Thursday, October 1, 2020

Amazing Demon Boy™ - "THIS HALLOWEEN" (Official Music Video)

And The Amazing Demon Boy is BACK!!!

Every day is Halloween for us Ghoulies. From Vampires, Witches, Flesh Eating Zombies, to every other entity of Evil, the Dance Of The Dead commences. And it is time to party for them! It is also time to kiss your sense of safety goodbye because Halloween is the holiday of true Horror. The Amazing Demon Boy will take you on the tour of his Halloween fun house where every evil entity you could ever imagine will pop out of every corner you run into and take over your soul. This is your time now, do you dare find out what you are getting yourself into? Because once you enter, there is no return ticket...

In Hell where The Amazing Demon Boy reigns, every single day is Halloween. Happy October Ghoulies!!!

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