Monday, August 15, 2022

"Us" - (2019) - Diabolical Doppelgangers


We all have a twin or a counterpart somewhere in this world. I would really love to find mine. But if you find your counterpart or doppelganger, what would they be like? What would you expect them to be like? Would they be exactly like you? Or would they be the exact opposite of you and your soul? If you have a good soul, maybe they have a dark and evil one. After all, not all twins are exactly the same.. 

I can state my own hypothesis here; in an alternate reality, there is most definitely somebody who is identical to us, with a mindset not equivalent to our own. There is an invisible line that is connecting us, in hopes to find each other and find out what the purpose of meeting is. What can we learn? What can they learn? Can our own doppelganger reveal to us what we are unaware of about ourselves, or what we are suppressing? If there is a dark truth we have to solve in this puzzle, then the method of attempting to do so is very abstract. 

If our clones reside underneath us in tunnels or below ground, consuming rabbits for survival, while we indulge in the perpetual luxuries from the above ground, then what does that say about who we are? I suppose we never gave it much thought. And why should we? Do we ever stop to think that there are people who are living below us trying to reach above and take over what we have and what we are? They are their own caste; The Tethered. 

Teaching Of The Tethered:

Who is our own worst enemy? US!

The diabolical doppelgangers, who are shadows, represent the darkness with ourselves. The darkness within US...

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