Sunday, September 4, 2022

The Wilding (2018) - When A Girl Becomes A Woman


Oh Baby It's A Wild World...- Mr. Big

We all have a monster within ourselves. We all have a monster we try to run from. When we hit puberty, our hormones sky rocket to astronomical proportions. As a parent, we do not want our children to grow up and mature. When a girl's Aunt Flo pays her an initial untimely visit, she takes no prisoners, and what she says goes. She robs you of your innocence and youth. Once you are there, you can never go back. It is time to explore a whole new world beyond the forcefield of safety and innocence. It is a wild wild world beyond that forcefield. 

Sleeping safe and soundly in an attic, away from the wild beast a.k.a. the real world, arrests a child's cognitive and physical development. "Daddy" takes care of you by hindering your maturation by injecting leuprorelin into your body. It is criminal yet "Daddy" is only looking out for his baby girl. "Daddy" does not want you to grow up and become a woman. "Daddy" is protecting you from the wild wild world. 

What does the wild wild world consist of really? From an adolescent girl's perspective, it entails boys, sex, fitting in with the popular girls, partying, etc. There is a monster out there waiting for us. It could be in the woods. It could be a dark alley waiting for its' next victim.  Maybe it could be at a party where a horny adolescent kid is looking to satisfy his dick game. Or maybe the monster could be in the comfort of your own home. Maybe the monster is "Daddy" and he himself created The Wilding..

Daddies do that. An overbearing father who imprisons  his own pride and joy from the wild wild world, causes his child to rebel. When a child rebels, their inner Wilding resurfaces. We all have an inner Wilding, and we are very much so capable as parents of creating a Wilding. 

Oh baby it's a wild world....

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