Friday, November 18, 2022

Gallery Of Fear (2012)


By Her Hand She Draws You Down

Eyes may be the window to the soul but the mouth is its abyss. Art and illustration of the mouth serves as the portal. 

The mouth is the hardest part to understand because the mind signals it to speak and we do not know what others are thinking. The mind can signal the mouth to also not let you know what is on the mind. Which is why you cannot fully trust the mouth...

Down The Drain

Your marriage is down the drain. Your teaching career is down the drain. Your whole existence is down the drain...

Nobody takes you seriously. You are just a gnat buzzing in people's ears. Your students bully you. Your principle bullies you. Your ex wife bullies you. You are disposable to all those around you. But is there just someone or something left in the world that might actually care??

A Far Cry From Home

Odd couples or couples living in sin? Crossing a territory that belongs to a bunch of blood thirsty religious fanatics is a very asenine move...

Critic's Choice

Art can be perceived and translated into everything and anything. Art is the life we live. Art is the act of expressing emotions. Art is all around us. Other people's Horror stories is art. Our own Horror story is art...

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