Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Christmas Evil a.k.a. You Better Watch Out..(1980)

 I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus....

To a child, Christmas means a lot of things. Lights, a tree with fun and beautiful ornaments, gifts, a vacation from school, etc.

But one man, who is the epitome of joy and everything merry, represents all the smiles of young children who have purposely been good all season just to get the toy or video game they have been pining for. Every young child waits for the big jolly old man to fall from their chimney to deliver their wishes all comprised in one big bag. The true magic of the holiday season lies in the hearts and minds of children.

Children need something to believe in. But when the big jolly old man, dressed in red, loses his magic once you see the true face underneath the big white beard, you are not only left disappointed and sad, but scarred mentally for life. No child in their right mind wants to hear the dreadful words, SANTA CLAUS IS NOT REAL! 

Santa Claus needs to be resurrected. And that is what will happen through the one man that could never accept and let go. But it comes at a price. A bloody price...

For your sakes, I hope you are good this holiday season.

Happy Holidays Horror Fans!!!

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