Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Madness Of Many (2013) - The Dark Abyss


Poor beautiful Victoria.. An innocent life was brought into this cruel and inhuman world. It happens more often than you realize. Parents should feel the love and the bonding as soon as the moment of conception comes. And when the child comes out of the womb, and sees the world for the first time, a new journey into the unknown begins. You find your purpose traveling through many of life's journeys. But from the moment of birth, what if you are not loved like you should be? What if your parents harbored ill will towards you before birth? It is sad to say that the last place your child must have felt safe was in the walls of the womb..

Then the child develops and is no longer walking on all fours. From there, as the formative years begin, quickly the youth gets robbed and raped of it's healthy and natural development. Arrested development. The psyche becomes warped and convoluted, hence, so does the persona. What can you really expect? This is never normal yet it does still happen. Nobody wants to believe parents can be so evil and non-nurturing but it is a harsh reality sometimes. 

The child knows no safe haven. No love. No happiness. No shelter. No light at the end of the dark, ominous tunnel. No salvation for the soul. Because it was born in Hell. Now Hell follows...

After being so incapacitated by the darkness, you become desensitized. And then in its' own ironic way, your consciousness does something it has never done before; it expands...When it expands, you do something you have never thought of doing before; attempting to comprehend the carnage. 

You realize all you need to do is alter your perspective. When you do that, you will be surprised at how the world around you changes. If you perceive everything to be dark and evil, that is what you will attract. Once you realize nothing can be more evil, then it is time to search for the light. You have to want to find it. You have to believe there is beauty in this world. But only you can find it. If it wasn't for the evil, peace, love and happiness would never be understood, appreciated and valued. 

In the end, only you have the power...

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