Tuesday, August 19, 2014

To See Or Not To See...

In one my earlier posts around the time I embarked on The Nightmare Nook Horror Blog, I wrote a piece on how I feel about the Horror Movies of today. My opinion still remains that as opposed to the films from way back then, a good majority of films today are not worth the time and money spent. You can blame it on the remakes and lack of originality. The final straw for me are the non-practical and over imaginative use of computer graphics and animation. The atmosphere feels non-threatening. The acting is pretentious. This is not to say that there aren't some good films out today. Insidious 1 and 2 were definitely worth the watch. So was The Conjuring. I saw Oculus and that too wasn't bad. A little bit of overacting but still not bad. There is a movie coming out on Halloween called Ouija. Now if you've seen ever played the Ouija board at slumber parties or known anybody who has had any kind of experience with it, you will know not to ever mess around with it. If you want to believe it's just a game, then fine, keep telling yourself that. But people who have used it have had similar experiences to that from Witchboard. However, Witchboard is a movie that will scare the bejesus out of you. But was it it really necessary to make the movie Ouija?

I honestly don't think so. Sure I did want to see it when I saw the movie poster. But that is until I saw the trailer. I have somewhat of an idea how over the top it will be, which in my opinion, diverts from the suspense and fear. 

Now a little birdie is telling me that there will be an IT and Pet Sematary remake. I honestly am not too sure how I feel about this. They remade Carrie. The television version with Angela Bettis was good but lacked the fear, the tragedy, and trauma that the original had, which is what made it the masterpiece it is. That should have been the last time Hollywood ever remake this masterpiece. But no, Hollywood got desperate for money so they had to knock off the original once again. The 2013 version of Carrie, maybe good for the spoilt two bit teenagers, who snap one too many selfies on their IPhones, of today, but rather insulting to the adults who grew up in the Golden Era of Horror Movies. I felt the same exact way with Evil Dead. Both movies were a waste of $10. I felt beyond cheated. So since I am the kind of person that can't stand let downs more than once, I think to be on the safe side, I will most likely wait until the newer version of Pet Sematary and IT come out on Netflix or Amazon. My fiance and I refuse to sit through another waste of $10 again. And if they remake Gremlins and turn Gizmo into a 3D gadget, I will start a petition and blackball the director! OK, I won't actually do that but I will be pissed. Call me old school but I am way too soured to Hollywood at this point. It is upsetting that such a well respected genre as ours has become marred by the lack of creativity and over use diverting special effects. Seriously, I know damn well that there is no monster under my bed, it is just me tripping on some bad Horror movie acid. To all those shroom junkies, if you want to experience a good trip, take your drug money and use it towards a Horror movie of the 2000's decade! I'm sorry, I couldn't resist...Well sorta..

You're either with me on this or you're not and that is OK. But put true genuine Horror back on the cinema screen. Scare me again Hollywood because you are getting predictable and as stale as old bread..

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