Friday, August 22, 2014

Curtain Call

Lights...Camera.....Action... Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, take 1!

Felice Gray, 17, Myron High's Theater Guild's member, aced her biggest audition for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as Snow White herself. Felice was the quintessential "Snow White". Long jet black hair that was naturally wavy but always straightened, haunting blue eyes that resembled wolf eyes, high cheekbones that could have been painted by Picasso himself, and fine nicely sexy lips that weren't too thin or too plump, but just perfect. All in all, though Felice was more of an actress, she should not rule out a modeling career. Not to mention, despite the fact that she was one of the most prettiest girls in school, she happened to be the most sweetest and modest. She accepted everybody and never tolerated the more popular kids picking on the geeks or outcasts. She worked as hard at her part time job while still in school and juggling Theater as an extra curricular activity. How she managed to get straight A's is beyond anybody. She was definitely going to get into a good college and go places with her life. The girl was a true princess. Just perfect without flaw. So flawless that some of the girls in school even resented Felice. 

Martha Montgomery from the Theater Guild auditioned for Snow White too but lost the part to Felice. Instead she was cast as the Evil Witch. Martha too was a pretty girl, with straight blonde hair and dark brown eyes, but felt more like a bookmark compared to Felice. She was typically a very bitter and jealous girl who never took rejection well, weather it be from a boy, a teacher, friend, etc. She was a very cunning and manipulative person, who had a knack for turning friends even family against each other. She never seemed to know where to draw the line.  Mr. Springfield, the director of the Theater Guild, couldn't find a better person to audition for the Wicked Witch. It was no secret he favored Felice and she could do no wrong in his eyes, but couldn't stand Martha. Martha felt so spurned by Mr. Springfield as well as Russell Hart, the young handsome dirty blonde and green eyed boy, who of course, played the Handsome Prince. The chemistry between Russell and Felice both onstage and off was contagious. Russell could pass for Brad Pitt's son. It was no question as to why him and Felice had a perpetual attraction towards each other. Martha's anger and jealousy was consuming her as rehearsals for the school play continued. 

Friday was the school play. All the costumes and props were ready. Hair and makeup was done. Everybody got into character. It was going to be the night to remember.

***Full Story Coming Soon In Audio***

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