Wednesday, January 21, 2015

See No Evil 1 & 2 - Jacob Goodnight

Monsters are not always born, sometimes they are made.. In the words of Victor Frankenstein, "I've Created A Monster!" 

One look into your eyes and he sees, oh he sees. Sees your sin. Sees the evil lurking in the dark corners of your soul. Sees the lies. Sees the mockery. But he doesn't want you to see.

Enter Jacob Goodnight, the little boy born to a religious fanatic mother and made into a monster due to her religious abuse. Yes he is a cold blooded killer. He is devoid of any heart and soul. He preys on sinners blood. He will gouge your eyes out, spiral a 50 lb. hook into your back, make you choke on your own cell phone, snap your neck, slash your throat, and of course there is more to this litany of heinous murders. This monster needs to be stopped. He needs to be put down like a rabid dog. But he can't. According to his mother, he is the "hand of God". 

Jacob Goodnight was abused and tortured as a child and coerced into seeing what sin really was. Poor boy didn't know any better. 

In my own warped and convoluted mind, I actually pity Jacob Goodnight, the way I pity Frankenstein. I don't pity all monsters, just ones that are damaged by their abusive makers. And yet even with that, there are still a select few that actually make me want to cry when I think of the irreparable harm that has been inflicted on them. 

OK, I've got issues...LOL..

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