Sunday, August 9, 2015

Trilogy Of Terror (Amelia) - LOL Moments..

Every Horror movie has a LOL moment here and there. Well at least for the most part. As much as Trilogy of Terror scares me to this day and gave me nightmares as a child, there were some scenes I honestly could not help but find hysterical. I remember one of my relatives watching this and finding it to be hilarious. Maybe if I actually took time to notice the LOL moments when I was younger rather than focus on what will happen to Amelia next, I wouldn't have had nightmares?

LOL Moment #1:

OK, if I was being terrorized by some ugly Zuni Fetish doll that somehow just came to life in my own living room honesty, I don't know what I'd do. But call the police??? OK maybe I would I don't know but I'm not in that situation so I can laugh about it. I mean Amelia, what were you thinking? How would you explain this to the cops???

"911, please state your emergency"..

Amelia: "There is just get me the police please...!"

Police: What is going on?

Amelia: Please, you gotta come here fast.... I am being terrorized by a doll and it's got my kitchen knife!

Police: Listen Ma'm, there are hundreds of locals who need us and we have no time for your pranks.

LOL Moment #2:

After Amelia gets out of the bath, she puts a cold steak in the oven right before the unwanted dinner guest arrives. Following a long night's terror trauma, she finally throws the Zuni Fetish Doll right in the oven where her steak was still cooking..

So I take it you like your steak medium rare? Literally...LOL....

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