Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Twilight Zone - What's In The Box? (1964)

What's In The Box? Not a gift box obviously. What are you watching on TV? 

Grumpy old Joe Britt works full time as a Cab driver. His angry and disgruntled wife Phyllis cooks and cleans for him while he picks up women half his age on the job. This is a portrait of a miserable marriage with no love lost between husband and wife. After a long hard day of work, he comes home to a hot meal that has been reheated 3 times, and instead of a hug and kiss for his wife, he just picks an argument. He does not choose to sit and spend time with his wife, just prefers to pop open a can of beer and sit in front of the TV set to watch his wrestling. 

His TV is a bit screwy so the TV Repair guy fixes it for him..

But when he turns on the TV, something else comes on air and it is not just wrestling..

Is that a soap opera or Joe's guilty conscience? This particular "TV Show" Joe had no intention of watching...

Stay Tuned For Your Precognitive Programming!

Joe sees what's about to happen due to his straying. His guilty conscience is being aired right in front of him and it will lead to the unthinkable! 

Phyllis mocks him and his affairs. Joe has lost it and now is making her lose it too. 

This is what we all fantasize about during married life, killing our spouse. And Joe did that all right. Their domestic dispute caused him to punch his wife right out of the window making her fall to her demise. This is not what he predicted because the TV predicted it for him and off to jail and death row he goes..

TV Repair In Your Area...Free Of Charge..

But of course, nothing is really free. A guilty conscience will cost you!

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