Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Pearl (2022) - The Ultimate Price Of Fame..

 Hollywood Is A Place Where They Pay You A Thousand Dollars For A Kiss And Fifty Cents For Your Soul... - Marylin Monroe

As I Lay Me Down To Sleep
I Pray The Lord My Sanity To Keep
If I Should Kill Before My First Take
I Pray The Lord My Stardom To Make...

Oh Yes Lord....Make Me A Star...

In a sad, secluded and lonely world, where a young beautiful girl resides on a farm, away from the bright lights, away from The Land Of Oz, lies an insatiable wicked fame witch. Take your Toto terrier away from "Kansas", follow the yellow brick road, for it is a very long and winding road to Emerald City. The man made of nothing but straw, lacking a brain, will be your tour guide. Your soul is made of tin, lacking a heart, and deep down, you are nothing but a coward. Ask the Great and Powerful Wizard Of Oz for what you truly desire the most, and that is to be a star. He will grant you your wish, but only on one condition. And that is not to bring him back the witch's broomstick. (Maybe a rake or an axe though).

But it is to kill ANYBODY standing in your way of what you truly desire the most. 

Your Mother, who is old fashioned, deems you as an embodiment of pure sin.

Your Father, cannot move nor speak, but his eyes judge you so harshly..

Your love affair Projectionist introduces you to a whole new world on the opposite side of the farm, but tries to run the other way when he sees the great lengths you would go to be a star.

Your sister in law, stole YOUR part in a church audition, which was your ticket out of "Kansas". So much for Sister-In-Laws sticking together right?

The Great and Powerful Wizard Of Oz, will now grant you your wish. Put on your ruby red high heels, and get on your broomstick. The "X" factor is ready to drop the house on Hollywood!!!

Click your heels 3x and say..

There's no place like Hollywood..
There's no place like Hollywood..
There's no place like Hollywood..

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